Week 7

This week, the challenge was to be creative. I decided t draw a picture of the view from my room’s window. It shows the little details in life that I take for granted. For as long as I remember, I have love drawing. I have never taken a drawing class, accept for in school. I love drawing because It is a way that I can express myself through pictures, not only words.

Week 6: Let’s Work!


This week the challenge is about work. There were many options of how to write a post on this, I chose to interview my dad.

My dad is a doctor. I asked him how you become a doctor and why did he choose to be one.

He went to UC Berkley for college, but it was not until the last second that he decided to be a doctor. He was accepted to UCSF, a medical school in San Francisco. In medical school you learn general medicine. After 4 years, you graduate, then you start internship at a hospital. This is where you learn a specialty. He decided to take plastic surgery.

After internship you start residency, which where you start your practice, or specialty with a doctor. You learn how to preform surgeries with a certified physician. My dad did his residency at UCLA. After a couple of years, you graduate from residency and become a fellow. As a fellow can help much more with surgeries. You still are under a physician’s supervision, but you are more independent. Finally, you are ready!