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I live in California. I live in Los Angeles County. I live in the small town of Pacific Palisades. Pacific Palisades is a town with a big heart and an ocean breeze. There is “The Village,” the central part of town that has the usual, shops and restaurants. There is the park, library and schools, both elementary and high. For a small town it can become quite a busy place. The climate stays fairly nice year round. In the winter it stays warm, and in the summer it just gets warmer. In the winter we hang out with our friends or meet for ice cream or frozen yogurt on the weekends. And in the summer, we will do the same. We will also go to the beach for the day as well. We have our local news paper called the “Palisades Post” which includes local sports updates, announcements, and 2 cent column. Our town is the small town on the beach, with many happy residents and the sun shining overhead. Where do you live? What is your community like?

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  1. Hey! Awesome blog. Your writing makes the place sound so lively and fun! You have great description. I love how you show the reader what it’s like to live in Pacific Palisades. Keep up the great work fellow blogger! You rock! 🙂

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