Week 10: Time to Evaluate


For our last week of the Student Blogging Challenge we were asked to have a friend answer some questions about my blog.

Q: What caught your attention when you first visited my blog?

A: The picture caught my attention.


Q: Did the layout make you want to read my posts?

A: Yes, but it was kind of squished together.


Q: Was there anything distracting on my blog?

A: No.


Q: Do you have any suggestions to make my blog better?

A: You should add more color.


Q: Overall how would you grade my blog?

A: A


I will definitely take these suggestions into consideration.

Week 9: Count to Three!

This week we used links on blogs to get to another blog. It was amazing how you could get about halfway around the world just by clicking on a few links. These were the blogs I went to:

Robert’s Blog

Tanesha’s Blog

Mounties Room 9

I found out that Robert and Tanesha both live in New Zeland, and they even go to the same school. I was able to see their class’s blog which had pictures of them on it. I think this was a great experience and allowed me to see what kids exactly like me, doing the same things, halfway around the world.

Week 7

This week, the challenge was to be creative. I decided t draw a picture of the view from my room’s window. It shows the little details in life that I take for granted. For as long as I remember, I have love drawing. I have never taken a drawing class, accept for in school. I love drawing because It is a way that I can express myself through pictures, not only words.

Week 6: Let’s Work!


This week the challenge is about work. There were many options of how to write a post on this, I chose to interview my dad.

My dad is a doctor. I asked him how you become a doctor and why did he choose to be one.

He went to UC Berkley for college, but it was not until the last second that he decided to be a doctor. He was accepted to UCSF, a medical school in San Francisco. In medical school you learn general medicine. After 4 years, you graduate, then you start internship at a hospital. This is where you learn a specialty. He decided to take plastic surgery.

After internship you start residency, which where you start your practice, or specialty with a doctor. You learn how to preform surgeries with a certified physician. My dad did his residency at UCLA. After a couple of years, you graduate from residency and become a fellow. As a fellow can help much more with surgeries. You still are under a physician’s supervision, but you are more independent. Finally, you are ready!


Week 4


This week our challenge was to think global. We are to find a problems and organizations that help it. Kids around the world suffer from basic need, like malnutrition, lack of water, and many other things.  They also may not have a home, or a bed, or an extra set of clothes. All of these things we all ready have and do not think much about how important they are. There are ways to help stop and prevent this.

Multiple organizations help with this problem. I want to tell you about one in particular that I have used, it is called  Compassion International. Compassion International is a Christian organization that helps kids by providing these needs for them. Their motto “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.” They give them meals, clothes, education, shelter and even Christian training. It was founded in 1952 by Rev. Everett Swanson during the Korean War when many children were orphans that lacked these basic need. Dr. Wesley K. Stafford is currently the president and CEO of Compassion International.

They help approximately 1.2 million children in 26 counties! Approximately 163,527 moms and their children have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Compassion International has 5,659 church partnerships around the world. Over  1,172,170 children have been sponsored through their mission to end poverty.

How can you help? Easy. Go to Compassion International and click on “Sponsor a Child.” From there, it will allow you to pick what country you want and what gender you want. They will find the right child for you. Now you can write to them whenever you want, by email or a letter. People a Compassion International translate the letter into the native language. The more you write, the more your child will succeed.

I have been sponsoring children for a few years now. My most recent one, Kevin had been in the program for enough time that he has graduated and has been having a better life. These kids are just like you and me. I found out while writing to him that there are yoyos even in the remote places of Indonesia. He liked to play sports like basketball and soccer. They are just like us.

So, go to Compassion International click on “Sponsor a Child” and get started today. Remember that you can change a child’s life even if you are on the other side of the world.


For more ideas on how to make a change in the world go to The Student Blogging Challenge: Week 4



Commenting is a very important part of blogging. It is a way to get visitors and allows you to here from the author.

When I comment, I try to make them about three sentences. First I will say something like,” Great job” or “Very well written.”

Next I say something specific that I liked about the post. I start this of with, “I especially like the way you…” or “I enjoyed the line that said…” Sometimes I also include a question for the writer.

Lastly I encourage the author by saying, “Keep up the good work” or maybe “Good job.” When you comment, you should leave a link to your own blog. Chances are that they will want look at your blog and leave a comment.

These are just a few tips on commenting for more tips you can go to Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge.

Where I Live


I live in California. I live in Los Angeles County. I live in the small town of Pacific Palisades. Pacific Palisades is a town with a big heart and an ocean breeze. There is “The Village,” the central part of town that has the usual, shops and restaurants. There is the park, library and schools, both elementary and high. For a small town it can become quite a busy place. The climate stays fairly nice year round. In the winter it stays warm, and in the summer it just gets warmer. In the winter we hang out with our friends or meet for ice cream or frozen yogurt on the weekends. And in the summer, we will do the same. We will also go to the beach for the day as well. We have our local news paper called the “Palisades Post” which includes local sports updates, announcements, and 2 cent column. Our town is the small town on the beach, with many happy residents and the sun shining overhead. Where do you live? What is your community like?

Week One

My class and I have successfully finished our first week of Student Blogging challenge. This week we were challenged to read and comment on five other student blogs. I read blogs from all over the world, such as New Zealand and Canada. A few in particularly stood out to me, and those were Rachel L, Veronica L, and Sam H. They all had well written literary pieces, weather it was a poem, an informational piece, or an ‘About Me’ page. You should check them out and read their hard work. That concludes week one of The Student Blogging challenge.

I Am From


The theme of a literary work is often communicated through the lesson the protagonist learns. In “The Giver,” Jonas learns that life is not just the the present, here and now. He realizes that life is like a river, flowing from the direction it came from. “The Giver” teaches us all that our lives are like rivers, impacted by the lives before us, and impacting the lives ahead of us. My life is like a river too. i am from the lives before me and will integrate these things into the lives ahead of me.

I am from McAfees, Krasons, DeWeeses, and Rawnsleys. I am from sacrificing goods for the benefit of our country. I am from the first man on the moon and Apollo 11. I am from paying through college and working through medical school. I am from sunny beaches, clear waters, and rolling waves. I am from home-cooked meals and playing outside until dark. I am from a mom who does it all, and a dad who does equally as much. I am from sit-down dinners with the whole family and Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., and Jack Johnson playing in the background. I am from Church Sunday, and Youth Group Wednesday. I am from humid summer days at the Happiest Place on Earth. I am from animation, old musicals, and holiday movies. I am from cooking with my family on a warm summer night. I am from loving and playing music. I am from care, love, faith, and compassion. I will pass on sit-down dinners with the whole family. I will pass on the love, faith, care, and compassion that my family has shown to me. I will pass on the laughter in my life that I have learned through these people who came before me. I will impact the lives to come the same way that the people before me have done to my life.